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Whether you are a consultant or administrator managing a printer and MFD fleet. 3manager, the web based business management tool is the perfect solution, especially these days where keeping control of your print activity is important, and can be demanding upon your time.

3manager features

The economizer and optimizer functions help you secure the most economical print and copying operation. Built in intelligence analyzes the consequences of buying new or rearranging existing devices.

3manager tracks the pages printed, service costs, kWh consumed and CO2 emitted in the organization by total, contract, branch, department and device.

Alert summary

Get notified when areas in the copying and printing operation are not optimal. Multiple recipients of e-mails with notifications, automatic reminders of alerts, online overview of all alerts

Real time audits

3manager can be used as an audit tool, as well as an on-going management tool, alerting administrators to new opportunities and suggestions on how to optimize the fleet 3manager also offers MPS features, such as device overview, meter readings, toner ordering and contract management. You can access the 3manager web account to view the information you need.

3manager is constantly ready with recommendations and suggestions on how to optimise. Just login to see: Re-arrange devices Replace with new devices Do nothing at the moment with 3manager, you always have “eyes on the business” and notifications are sent by email when opportunities or are problems are spotted.

Internal tool or sell as a service? 3manager can offer a web access portal for your customers, showing only data you would like to share.

Getting more done

Getting more done in less time. New devices will automatically be detected and added to the 3manager web portal in minutes and following some basic training and structuring, everything is fully automated thereafter. The Cloud makes everything easier; 99% of 3manager is browser-based with only a small piece of software being installed at the customer, taking less than 2 minutes to install. The Internet based manager makes it easy to change configuration without having to access the customer site. Within minutes, you have the first overview of all the devices in your printer estate and what they’re printing.

Greener printing

Innovative kW-h and CO2 visualizations mean we can track environmental behaviour and then control, manage and reduce the power consumption and CO2 emissions with 3manager. Besides that we can support audits and on-going management, ensuring you comply with your Corporate Social Responsibility statements and Carbon Footprint obligations

With the dedicated environment dashboard tracking in detail kWh and CO2, you can now have new and innovative input to your print environment.

After just a few days audit..

opportunities are beginning to be seen using the dedicated analysis features.