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3manager Viewer™ is designed for end user customers to provide an overview of network printers and copiers. It enables the user to understand how many printers are in the organization, how they are being used, is best value being achieved from printing expenses and are there opportunities to optimize your investment in printer/copier estate?

3manager Viewer™ includes a budget monitor, which will help to ensure that the printers are used in the best way and can help find ways to reduce costs.

With the information it provides, you can create a customized printer strategy, do health checks on the equipment and make sure printers are being used in an optimal way. You may even be able to reduce your stock of consumables, helping you to save money.

Unlike other managed print services software, 3manager Viewer™ shows you not only what you have and how your system is used. It also offers advice about what you need and how you could rearrange internally for best effect. A beautifully designed dashboard giving you the overview needed of your network printers and copiers.

Know how many printers you have in your company and how they are being used. Are you getting most value for your printing expenses?  Can you optimize? 3manager will help you with these answers.