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doc-Q-manager & doc-Q-route

ATI deliver a comprehensive set of software applications that we utilise in designing advanced data workflows. The ability to intercept and interact with print streams enables us to gain control and redesign the data, output format, structure and reassign the ownership of system prints to allow automated redirection to specific printers resulting in; More efficient workflow Cost reduction and [...]

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Nuance eCopy

IT-SAS is certified on Nuance's eCopy  product eCopy ShareScan eCopy ShareScan Office lets you scan paper documents and connect them to your collaboration, desktop publishing and archival workflows. In addition to secure scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC, and scan-to-file functionality, ShareScan Office can automatically convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs or editable Microsoft Word & Excel files and connect to your document management [...]

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  IT-SAS is certified on SafeCom SafeCom is synonymous with confidential, secure printing. It adds secure pull print functionality to supported MFPs. User authentication is required and provides secure integration with other enterprise applications and workflows through single sign-on. Authentication is simple - users either enter a code on the printer or swipe their card to [...]

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IT-SAS is certified on Ysoft's SafeQ application SafeQ helps organizations to efficiently manage and optimize their reprographic equipment and to track and account every print, copy, and scan on user, department, project, and device level. To ensure most up to date technology for its world-wide available products and services Y Soft creates strategic alliances with the most leading multifunction device [...]

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