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doc-Q-manager & doc-Q-route

ATI deliver a comprehensive set of software applications that we utilise in designing advanced data workflows. The ability to intercept and interact with print streams enables us to gain control and redesign the data, output format, structure and reassign the ownership of system prints to allow automated redirection to specific printers resulting in;

  • More efficient workflow
  • Cost reduction and control
  • Bespoke project programming

ATI have been in the business of IT printing since before the advent of the HP LaserJet printer, and have been involved in developing print emulations and designed printer controllers for printer manufactures and their products are at the forefront of helping organisations obtain efficient and more cost effective document output including;

  • How to deal with a legacy proprietary print application datastream?
  • How to gain control of the escalating cost of network printing?
  • How to merge the operations for data-centre output and CRD?
  • How to more efficiently print PDF output?


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