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All tenders and RFP’s for acquiring products and services should be aligned to your current and future business objectives. However we frequently see tenders aimed at replacing like for like or an updated version of what is familiar. This often as a result of limited expertise as knowledge acquired during previous processes has been lost due to staff turnover or failure to identify a trusted supplier or partner who can offer independent guidance. In fact 90% of all tender & implementation problems are down to imprecise specifications

Our broad range of industry experience, detailed knowledge, tools & contacts can supplement internal resources and provide independent expertise and advice to ensure any tender process initiated properly:-

  • Aligns tender objectives with the business objectives and all aspects are considered
  • Identifies and Pre-qualifies appropriate tender invitees
  • All bid responses are fully vetted for capability to deliver, sustain and support deliverables
  • Commercial fair value for both supplier and customer

For suppliers, many clients issuing a tender will have a supplier in mind, often other bidders are used to benchmark their preferred supplier. The quality of your tender proposal and response is your best chance of influencing the customer. This will include an understanding of customer current situation and existing solutions, future needs, business objectives. We can help design new solutions, identify and source the right combination of products and assist in providing change management support. We can help analyse implementation, timing and interdependencies, risk management and contingencies. We can also provide access to our industry relationships with major manufacturers and developers, facilitating contacts to technical organisations – “We’ll talk IT for you”